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Lakes of Grand Rapids

waterfront property
The Grand Rapids Area is known for its many lakes and rustic scenery. Here are a few descriptions of local lakes to help in your search for the perfect waterfront property.

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With an exceptional size of over 6,700 acres, Pokegama Lake is the gem of Grand Rapids. It offers something for every kind of outdoor enthusiast – with room to spare!  Its waterfront property is a mixed array of beautiful cabins, parks, resorts, and dining options are found along its shores – easily accessible by both boat and car.  It is a great lake for families to explore the great outdoors together, and is exceptionally deep – with a maximum depth of 114 ft. For the fishermen, this lake is known for its walleye, Northern Pike, Rock Bass, and bluegill – of course, in a lake this size, almost any type of fish can be caught.  It is accessible by 4 public access points – 2 on the NW and 2 on the SE.

Jay Gould Lake

About 450 acres, and only 33 ft. at its deepest point, accessible by a concrete trailer launch.  It is connected to Little Jay Gould, Pokegama, and the Mississippi River – the perfect lake to be close to town while feeling like you are out in the country.

Blackwater Lake

674 acres. It is connected to Jay Gould Lake by a channel – which means that the adventurous can take a trip from Blackwater Lake to Pokegama for a day spent exploring the area’s majestic lakeshore. 

Siseebakwet Lake

This lake gets its name from the Ojibway word for “sugar.” It boasts of 1,200 acres and is used by happy vacationers and locals alike in the summer months for boating, skiing, tubing, swimming, and kayaking. The western shores of this lake are preserved by Boltuck-Rice Forever Wild SNA – a gift to the area by two families who wanted to preserve the unique set of ice-push ridges and topography that grace the shores of Siseebakwet. Fisherman enjoy spending a day on this lake in quest of its quality walleye fishing (other species can also be caught in abundance, if you know where to find them). It is flanked by South Sugar Lake, and connected to Little Siseebakwet Lake to the west.

Bass Lake

Located 10 miles northwest of Grand Rapids, this 2,400-acre lake will take you into Minnesota’s wilderness. Many vacationers come to stay at the beautiful, rustic resorts that nestle in its shores, enjoying the rustic scenery and prime northern forests.

Prairie Lake

1,100+ acres. It is located about 4 miles north of Grand Rapids, and one of the all-to-few area lakes where, with a bit of luck, you have a pretty good chance at successful crappie fishing. Unlike many lakes in the area, the majority of its waterfront property is privately owned and minimally developed.


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