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Grand Rapids Mn/Itasca County Cabin Culture Lost?

Grand Rapids Mn/Itasca county cabin culture

When I was a young boy we started a yearly trip to the Grand Rapids MN area camping. We went to a small lake and fished, water-skied, played cards, had campfires and just had fun. As I reached my early teens I had a friend that had a cabin up north. His father was an airline pilot and I was lucky enough to be invited to spend weeks of my summers at “the cabin”. There was always some labor involved like building a shed or moving sand or class 5. However once the afternoon came around it was nonstop fishing or water sports. We were always out exploring new areas on or around the lake. Once in a while his brother would drive us into the A&W or Dairy Queen. That was a big deal. Life was simple and easy and fun. It was Grand Rapids MN/Itasca county cabin culture: Has it been lost?

Nowadays we find ourselves going 100 miles an hour to keep up with kids sports, activities and everyday life. Kids have Xbox and I pads that seem to keep them busy. However I can’t help but feel we have lost some of that simple fun family time. It seems we have moved away from that cabin culture and more towards that got to have it got to work got to play this way culture. I can say I am ready for some of the simple time back into my life. I think my 13 year will benefit much more from a memory of a large fish or a loon coming up next to the pontoon than how many Bugatti’s he has in Grand Theft Auto. It got me the other day when he was playing a video game and made me come look at the graphics saying look how beautiful this is dad. It was okay but looked nothing like the sunrise over the calm steaming lake. Or the storm clouds in the evening you could see coming for an hour or so, flashing and building in the sky.

So have we advanced? Or have we forgotten what real quality time is? The average cabin owner has their cabin for 24 years. The average home owner has it for 7. So they own their cabins 3 times longer than the home that is needed to carry on everyday life! That says they get it! Also the people that own cabins say they spend an average of 55 days a year using it and have others that use it another 17 days. So it’s not Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day! It’s used almost three months continually. I thought that number was much less.  So, have you been too busy to slow down?  Too busy to enjoy the simple things?

I myself moved to find the Grand Rapids MN cabin culture about 20 years ago. I have messed it up a few times but still see my fishing boat at the end of the dock calling me back. I am going to try to listen more often!  If you would like help finding that as well, I get it and would love to help you and your family find that cabin in the woods or on the lake.  Or that lake home in the Grand Rapids, Itasca county area.  I am a full service small Real Estate company with Realtors that service the whole Grand Rapids Itasca county area. We also sell real estate in some of Cass, St Louis and Koochiching Counties.  We can also help you with your dream home in or out of town.  We know and appreciate all that this wonderful area has to offer.


We are Scenic North Properties!  We know Grand Rapids MN/Itasca county Cabin Culture!





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