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Grand Rapids Mn/Itasca County Cabin Culture Lost?

Grand Rapids Mn/Itasca county cabin culture

When I was a young boy we started a yearly trip to the Grand Rapids MN area camping. We went to a small lake and fished, water-skied, played cards, had campfires and just had fun. As I reached my early teens I had a friend that had a cabin up north. His father was an airline pilot and I was lucky enough to be invited to spend weeks of my summers at “the cabin”. There was always some labor involved like building a shed or moving sand or class 5. However once the afternoon came around it was nonstop fishing or water sports. We were always out exploring new areas on or around the lake. Once in a while his brother would drive us into the A&W or Dairy Queen. That was a big deal. Life was simple and easy and fun. It was Grand Rapids MN/Itasca county cabin culture: Has it been lost? (more…)

Grand Rapids MN Real Estate Market and Realtors

As summer is here and we are getting a nice string of weather. I thought I would give an Update to the Grand Rapids MN Real estate market and my thoughts as a Realtor/ Broker. First off, we have a fairly strong real estate market for residential housing under 225k. This is mainly local buyers with a few transfers here and there. So if you have a home to sell in town or out of town but say less than 15 miles out, now may be the time! I am not saying those values are way up. (Maybe slightly) However these homes are selling. What our buyers want is no major projects, some updates done and open floor plans. If we get in that 150k and up they demand more space or some land or newer construction / updates. (more…)

Grand Rapids Real Estate Market Report

Grand Rapids Real Estate MN Lake Property

Summer is here! As temps warm up here in Minnesota, we are seeing more traffic out and about in our Grand Rapids Real Estate market. Our office has a total of 31 listings and the showing calls are starting to come in again. I have a few buyers I am working with and I am sensing a little more urgency in their showings. (more…)

Grand Rapids MN Real Estate | Good Waterfront Values

When I run into people out and about the first thing they ask is how is the market? I used to have a standard response. Now days it is not that easy. As a whole the market is decent and increasing. However we are still a bit on the unstable side and little things can effect it. Lately that small thing has been the weather. With temps 20 degrees below the norm and above normal rain buyers are not out in force. (more…)

Grand Rapids MN Real Estate Market Analysis

Well, the weather is breaking for the good.  Our Grand Rapids Mn real estate market seems to be picking up!   I did a open House on a Pokegama Home this last weekend and it went well with 18 people thru it.   I also received offers on a Bass Lake home and  a Grand rapids home with some land.   Again with the rates as low as they are I cant imagine that the Grand Rapids mn market will not improve!

If you are selling or buying call me to take advantage of the improving Grand Rapids MN Real Estate Market and call us soon!

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